Some of the Arkas Group Companies moved to their new address in Orhanlı. For the new address on the Anatolian side, many local and foreign firms have invested, especially the attraction point for logistics companies. The building consists of seven floors and two blocks in total, covering 6,450 square meters of covered area. The building which draws attention with its modern architectural structure from the outside has a solid, functional, simple and modern infrastructure that reflects Arkas identity and has the equipment to provide employees' comfort. A total of 26 seminar rooms were built in the A and B blocks and two seminar rooms on the ground floor. There is a video conference room on the 2nd floor of the basement. Thanks to this equipment, different meetings can be held for negotiations with customers or suppliers. It is also possible to give very comprehensive trainings.

Arkas Holding Orhanli Management Building Bender RCMS Application Examples


The Arkas Holding building, which has been completed with extremely high budgets, has technologically advanced systems. Negotiations were made on which types of equipment could be used to avoid problems caused by electrical faults in the building which have many electrical and mechanical safety and protection devices.

In particular, leakage current problems at the beginning of electrical failures can trigger problems such as an inability of the systems to work properly and an energy interruption. In addition, it is foreseen to take all the precautions to prevent the risk of fire caused by leakage current.


To prevent these unexpected electrical failures, Bender RCMS Residual Current Monitoring Systems and Bender Toroidal Current Transformers connected to them have been used in order to prevent especially energy interruptions caused by leakage currents on the supply lines of critical loads.

Arkas Holding Orhanli Management Building Bender RCMS Application Examples

Rapid intervention has been provided by preventing leakage currents from reaching critical levels prior to opening and transferring these critical levels together with warning systems to relevant units, thus avoiding unwanted power interruptions.


In particular, the Bender RCMS series residual current monitoring system is used to determine all the electrical faults that can occur and the electrical faults are determined automatically by the system and the related technical units are informed quickly.