Tasyapi Construction Company is undertaking the contracting of the hospitals that are implemented by T.C. Istanbul Project Coordination Unit. The new hospitals, which will serve 1 million 500 thousand standing and 50 thousand inpatient patients annually, will be constructed with seismic isolation technique and intelligent building technology to provide uninterrupted service after a possible earthquake.

The hospital, which will be equipped with energy saving systems, will be able to produce a significant part of its electricity from natural gas with its tri-generation center.

In order to respond to the need in case of emergency, the current service area of 1,300 square meters will be increased to 10,000 square meters. Although the total number of operating rooms is 17 in the existing hospital, this number will be 28 in the new hospital.


During the meetings with Tasyapi and the Consultancy Company, it was requested to review the existing projects and the BOQ lists in order to determine the Group2 rooms in accordance with the standards and to update and disclose the BOQ list of the isolated power panel at the appropriate power.


In accordance with the TS HD 60364-7-710 standard and the relevant technical specifications of the Ministry of Health, Group 2 rooms in hospitals have been identified through drawings and after the reviewing the power details of the rooms, isolated power they needed were determined. After determining the appropriate power for room structures that differ from each other, the design of the isolated power systems to be used for these rooms has been started. Again, in accordance with the structure of the rooms and the areas where the personnel will be located, the number, layout and planning of alarm panels of isolated power system were made, and a system was developed to facilitate the detection of appropriate alarms by the relevant personnel. Thus, for each hospital, 156 pieces 10 kVA isolated power panel with fault location system is designed to feed all group2 rooms.


As a result of the investigations made at the beginning of the project, it was found that 330 pieces of the isolated power panels were included in both the BOQ lists and the detail schemes, after a long period of studies made in accordance with related standards, the number of isolated power panels with 330 pieces has been reduced to 156. These new BOQ were decided by the Ministry of Health as well as by the support of the relevant consultant firms and through the meetings and technical analyzes carried out with Tasyapi. With this study, not only reduction of the number of isolated power panels, but also all the feeding systems, cables, panels in the room where the panels will be used are revised in every detail.