One of the first City Hospital in Turkey Isparta City Hospital established on 220.000 m2 area. Isparta City Hospital started to serve with 755 patient rooms, 18 operation rooms, 204 policlinic service, 2.262 vehicle capacity large parking space and 112 Emergency Helicopter - Ambulance Command Center.

Bahçelievler Memorial OCP-11


A Meeting was made with Akfen Holding Technical department about last operation control panel technologies and taken a lot of decision according to meeting data. According to requirements of Akfen Health Group, the expectations of Akfen Group were clarified. These main requirements are; touch screen display, PC based structure, Modbus communication, real time clock integration, control on medical gas system and room climate system. Briefly, full control and monitoring with user friendly interface was the solution of their system.


After serious studies on 21,5" capacitive touch screen featured OCP-10 Operation Control Panel, all requirements of Akfen Group were met. These requirements are; electrical control mechanism as manual, Linux based operation system, two way data transfer with building automation system via Modbus TCP communication, gas alarm system integration via Modbus TCP communication, smart care warning system, general lightening control, real time clock and chronometer, music broadcast and monitoring of room parameters like temperature, humidity, pollution range, pressure according to data which is taken from climate automation system.


With 21,5” capacitive touch screen display featured OPC-10 Operation Control Panel, all automatic and manual requirements of Akfen Group technical department were satisfactorily provided. All technical requirements of Ministry of Health are verified too. Whole installation of OCP-10 Operation Control Panels is finished perfectly. All acceptance tests were applied and results shows that OCP-10 products are perfectly acceptable for Isparta City Hospital technical department. Isparta City Hospital is satisfied about choosing to Aktif Mühendislik experience.