In Turkey, TURKMALL as a leadership in the field of shopping center investments since 1992 finally opened the novada menemen shopping center to the service of the district people.

In addition to its architectural concept, Novada Menemen, which is also managed by Turkmall as a leasing, store decoration management, business, corporate communication and marketing services, aims to meet the shopping needs of the people of the region and tourists with the concept of overhead meeting point, as well as a new attraction center for Menemen's social life.


Our customer did not want to sacrifice quality in the products and systems to be found in the shopping mall because it is the most important shopping center in the region. He wanted to walk with software and products that had a low failure rate, long life, accurate measurement and long experience in the prepaid system which has his own needs for automatic meter system. Except for the points to be invoiced over the same system, they expect that the energy traces of the common area and important panels can be read through the same system. They wanted to switch to the prepaid system at the measurement points and send a warning to the attendees who had run out of the energy credit and if necessary to cut the energy from the remote.


At this point, they wanted to avoid the disturbances caused by card failures or losses in the card-based counter systems. At the same time, such a system would not be able to monitor energy.

On the other hand, rail-type options were offered to them, but even if they had MID certificates, they could not be connected to a system as a counter and billed according to EMRA notification. In addition, because of they could not accommodate any breaker modules on their own, the active energy meter was required to have a prepayment module and a switch with a release coil next to it. With this application, it was necessary to turn on the energy of each participant disconnected from the power supply and re-establish the compact switch on the panel manually. In this way, the usage of all energy meters lost the remote control system feature after a while. Particularly, it was a big problem in the partitions where participant panels were difficult to reach.

Our MT 383 energy meter, which has its own monobloc CB module in accordance with the EMRA communiqué, meets all the requests of the investor at this point. With RS 485 communication method on copper cable, it is possible to monitor both energy and remote control of prepaid system. Energy can be turned on and off via the workstation.

On the other hand, thanks to our completely user-friendly software, the operator using the workstation was able to perform all customer / participant transactions via software without the need for us.


Thanks to the built-in CB module of energy meter, monobloc structure was installed at a lower cost, as opposed to meters that seemed to be more reasonable in pre-paid systems. Because our failure rates are low and the installation and operation costs are reduced with a single communication line. Thanks to our software and meter, we did not have to go to the shop because the energy was turned on and off remotely. Thanks to the shopping mall prepaid system, annual energy costs and consumption were anticipated and there was an opportunity to reduce energy costs.