In Kartal Monumento Office Project, it aimed that efficiency and convenience on electrical and mechanical infrastructure as much as architecture. This useful infrastructure is very important to these office’s owners. All opportunities were used for efficiency and useful work places for company employees.


Konut OSOS Uygulama Örneği
Billing of electricity and water costs of offices in building was the main object. According to these measurement values to prepare bills and reports, to plan of the maintenance and development actions by building technical team were targets.


It was intended that, the meters where in shafts to be integrated to communication system with RS485 and M-Bus protocols. EMU Allrounder series devices were used as direct connected rail type energy meters. Max 30 pcs groups were made with RS485 communication bus lines. The communication tests were made while this grouping.

These groups were carried to the main monitoring room via RS485 communication lines. These lines were connected to PCI card’s RS485 ports in work station PC. The M-Bus communication featured water meters were connected to the entire system with RS485/M-Bus converters.

Original Aktif Mühendislik product Actwin Smart energy management system software was installed. Actwin Smart invoice format was customized according to Kartal Monumento technical team expectations. Electricity and water index values were combined in one invoice format.


The automatic billing system of Kartal Monumento’s water and energy meters was prepared. Provided that the reports and graphical demonstrations can be prepared easily according to other measurement parameters too. Manpower costs were reduced and monitoring accuracy was increased. EMU series rail type meters were selected as energy meters. In this way direct connected (Max 75A) small sized energy meters were used and space in electrical boxes were saved.