Space And Cost Saving With Friem & Aktif RST Solar Substation

Dear readers who follows the solar market knows that one of the biggest problems for unlicensed solar power plant investments is manufacturing & zone permission. Solar energy power plants may experience problem of building permits in their investments because of many different reasons like incorrect applications, mapping errors, design errors, expropriation etc. In this sample application we will talk about the solution which we offer to our investors who have problems for similar reasons.


Our client was contacted with our company for investments in the town of Kuleönü of Isparta city, with a capacity of 1,1 MWp and an area of 16,500 square meters which would be quite small for such a solar power plant. The most important expectation was the compact field design, which will reduce the taking of the area to minimum, and the compactness and space-saving of the equipment to be used in the field. Our client has contacted with our company for medium voltage switchgear, concrete kiosk and inverter which are suitable for these expectations.

Space And Cost Saving With Friem & Aktif RST Solar Substation

Land Satellite View


The design of the RST Solar Substation solution was initiated by our company to meet the demand for compact design and compact products that are on the rise in the solar market. The designed substation contained medium voltage switchgear, step-up transformer and inverter in a single mono-bloc kiosk, instead of other examples in the industry.

The solution has been completed using engineering calculations and designs methods with last version software and simulation programs. However, our engineering calculations which are prepared for approval by the official institutions are recalculated and approved by the relevant faculties of the universities.

Space And Cost Saving With Friem & Aktif RST Solar Substation

Engineering Calculations and Compliance Report of University

Sample site designs that our client could design with the Friem Recon Line 2.30H1 series modular central inverter were delivered. Thanks to these examples, contrary to designs made with series inverters, space was saved with fewer and smaller scale field collecting panels. However, the RST Solar Transformer Center solution, which will take up much less space and is unlike any other on the market, has been presented to the customer for evaluation. Our client preferred this solution and installed all of the electrical equipment between the photovoltaic panel and the mains system in a single mono block kiosk.

Space And Cost Saving With Friem & Aktif RST Solar Substation

RST Solar Transformer Central Design


With this example implementation in the solar sector, we have informed to you dear readers how to make a solar power plant investment more efficient with innovative engineering studies instead of conventional methods. Thanks to the RST Solar Transformer Central solution, our customer has set up a solar power plant that works more efficiently on saving space, saving cost of investment, and saving cost of field equipment.

Space And Cost Saving With Friem & Aktif RST Solar Substation

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