We are offering products and services in all fields of traction systems with combining our know-how and our representatives’ worldwide experience for rail systems.

Choice of giants is Aktif again!

Istanbul’s largest underground investment is Kadıköy – Kartal metro line which came in to operation in 2011. In metro line, MV cables cause capacitive reactive power and Aktif Engineering Company was chosen to compensate reactive power which was solved with own design Automatic Shunt Reactor system.  This system commissioned successfully in 2011 which can compensate 2600 kVAr capacitive reactive power in 6 substations.


Konya Railway System

Aktif Group is the main supplier that in the Project of Konya Metropolitan Municipality of Alaaddin-Justice Railway line of to 7 stations “Traction system and switching equipment”. MV Switchgears, Traction and auxiliary transformers addition to domestic needs and Traction Rectifiers  and  DC switchgears the construction of Substations where the equipment continues apace.

Aktif Group produces MV Switchgears its own factory lacated in Ankara, that is distributed to Traction and auxiliary transformers completed especially with Tesar who is one of the world leaders in the railway systems. COET – FRIEM Group’s broad product of Traction Rectifiers and DC switchgears which one of the most important equipment, has been used in Konya Railway Project of substation. COET is one of shareholders in Ankara Factory of Aktif Group.


Tesar Dry Type
Rectifier Transformer

TESAR has been designing and manufacturing Cast Resin Transformers for more than 30 years. TESAR transformers are designed and manufactured in conformity to E2 C2 F1 classes in accordance with IEC 60076-11 standards. During its 30 years of activities, TESAR has produced more than 40.000 transformers for more than 40.000.000 kVA.


Coet Disconnecting
DC Panel

In DC Traction applications one disconnect or load break switch normally installed downstream each High Speed Circuit Breakers, and for the security reasons one motorized load break switch installed as parallel.
To comply with these requirements Coet Disconnecting DC Panel is developed with  a very versatile and compact design. According to the requirements the LBD panel can be supplied as motorized and remote controlled.


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