As MV pruducts, Aktif Elektroteknik A.Ş. manufactures MV switchgears up to 40 kV, 4000 A, 40 kA. Aktif MV switchgears present special solutions for substations, industrial facilities, building applications and traction systems by analyzing customer requirements.

Sweden - Stockholm - Vartahamn Port

Vartahamnen is main port in Stockholm where is the capital and biggest city of Sweden preferred Aktif brand too. SNC series metal clad switchgears were used to provide for power supply of Vartahamnen Port. 

SNC series metal clad switchgears were designed in 2008 and all type tests were completed by experienced engineers of Aktif Group. 45 pieces switchgears of 12 kV voltage level were delivered to port in 2014. 

SNC series metal clad switchgears are produced with minimized sizes for minimum area of usage.   


Aktif MV Switchboards Were Used In
Cyprus Potable Water Pipeline Project

Aktif has supplied SNC-2 Metal Clad Switchgears of the project which The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs describes as “it is the first original project all over the World” will provide water need of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. During the project, quality of Aktif brand had been approved by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works and Aktif had been put on the approved brand list. 

Within the scope of the project, Aktif had given 16 pcs 12kV, 1250A, 25kA/3s and 13 pcs 24kV, 1250A, 25kA/3s SNC-2 type SNC-2 type Metal Clad Switchgears. 


SNC Series Metal Clad MV Switchgear

SNC Series Aktif MV Switchgear is switching and control cabinet manufactured between 1kV to 24 kV in conformity with IEC 62271-200 standards.

SNC Series Metal clad MV Switchgear are new solution for MV distribution systems.

SNC series metal clad MV switchgears are used in safe for facilities needs high level safety and energy continuity. Withdrawable circuit breaker and voltage transformer provide quick and easy maintenance and installment. Mechanical and electrical interlocking between doos, circuit breaker, trolley and earthing swich provides high level safety against operational faults.

  • 3 mm sheet steel
  • LSC 2B Loss of Service continuity 
  • PM Partition Class
  • AFLR internal arc classification
  • 4 or 5 separated and earthed accessible compartments
  • Internal arc test up to 40 kA 
  • Electrical and mechanical safety interlocks
  • Quick and easy service with withdrawable Vacuum / SF6 CB


AKTIF GROUP, attended Mee Dubai and Hannover Messe

Middle East Electricity Dubai 2-4 March 2015
Hannover Messe Germany 12-15 April 2015