Electricity is one of the most important needs of daily life, when considered as a product by the end user, must be satisfactory in terms of quality and performance. When called for the , seamless and convenient service to mind while by the end user, frequency and amplitude should stable in technical aspects of the power quality which means an voltage of the pure sinusoidal shape. Poor power quality means as lead to losses in financial terms, the negative impact on the environment and creates electrical safety concerns.

We’ve Completed the Application Successfully Active Harmonic Filter on Ship Board

Tersan shipyard is one of the most prestigious marine in Turkey. Active filter application is completed successfully in dockyard by experts. We have undersigned a first with project of NB 1064.

System is analyzed for different scenarios with ETAP power system analyses program. Active filter is chosen after calculations of total and individual harmonic current distortion. Total harmonic voltage distortion is reduced 2% from %14 after commissioning. IEEE std. 519-2014 is published by IEEE. Consumption of reactive power’s limits is determined with regulation by IEEE. The system has provided the necessary harmonic limit values for safe operation.Aktif Mühendislik and ABB have a partnership for power quality field in Turkey. ABB brand PQFI active filters are used to reducing harmonic current with this partnership.


Reactive Power Demand of Sabancı University Has Been Compensated by Solutions of Aktif

Sabancı University which is one of the best foundation universities in Turkey , began to meet its first students in October 1999. In Sabancı University’s main campus, Aktif Mühendislik’s products are chosen.

There are 24 distribution substations which have a specification of 34, 5/0, 4 kV. All transformers’ total apparent power is 29 MVA in Tuzla Campus. MS Series capacitor banks with harmonic filters are chosen to compensate requirements of transformers’ reactive power by Sabancı University technical staff. Electrical marketing customer service regulation is published by Republic of Turkey Energy Market Regulatory Authority.


Thymod Series Static Electronic Switch

Asset ThyMod series Static Switch is the electronic switching unit that allows switching the capacitor banks without any discharge delay in the plants and also switching the capacitor banks according to load variation cannot be possible.

ThyMod series Static Switch is developed according to the related IEC standards to balance the reactive power and to solve the energy quality problems in complex industrial plants where used devices that are sensitive to voltage changes such as PLCs, industrial computers, industrial robots, welding machines.


Aluminum Cylindrical Capacitors

Asset cylindrical capacitor is designed for power factor correction at low voltage systems. Capacitor has a cylindrical aluminum case. At the same time Asset cylindrical capacitor has fireproof construction thanks to its special design. All the Asset LTC series cylindrical capacitors are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60831-1,2, EN 60831-1,2, VDE 0560-46,47, GB 12747-91.

Totally dry type, Touch-proof terminals, Reduced mounting cost thanks to its terminal design, Excellent self-healing, polypropylene film, Environment friendly


Aktif Group attended Mee Dubai and Hannover Messe

Middle East Electricity Dubai 2-4 March 2015
Hannover Messe Almanya 12-15 April 2015