Aktif Mühendislik 20. Anniversary Introduction Movie is Presented

Here is the Aktif’s introduction movie which was exclusively shot for the 20. Anniversary of Aktif Muhendislik which is known as one of the leading company in the electric industry.


Aktif Mühendislik, Celebrated its 20. Anniversary

20. Year Anniversary

Aktif Group company Aktif Mühendislik, also is known as one of frontiers in its field celebrated its 20th anniversary with a glamorous dinner. Aktif Group Board Director and General Manager Mr. Ahmet Guvenman organized a dinner at Swissotel Bosphorus on the 28th of October 2016 in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Aktif Group company Aktif Mühendislik, there were a lot of guests from the business environment and electricity sector. Guests gathered and met with each other at the cocktail party before the dinner along with the Art of Sound music concert. After the opening speech of Mr. Ahmet Guvenman, a short Aktif Group exclusive 20. Anniversary Video presentation was performed. The night continued with the entertaining, joyful music and dances. As Aktif Company is sustainably and continuously maintaining its successful operations at its fields, Aktif has also been able to organize such a wonderful 20th anniversary and entertain its guests during the night.


Aktif Mühendislik

<span class='notranslate'>Aktif Mühendislik</span>Aktif Mühendislik (AMDT) was established in 1996 through the Measuring, Protecting and Quality of Electricity. 2200 m2 headquarter of AMDT is located in Istanbul consisting of 45 employees. Since we were established AMDT provides high quality engineering services, supplying and start-up services for the power quality, energy efficiency, energy metering and maximum protection. AMDT provides custom designed standard solutions for domestics and international customers, with over 15 years of experience. For more information about our products and services, please visit Products & Services page.



Aktif Elektroteknik

<span class='notranslate'>Aktif Elektroteknik</span>The company was established to manufacture Switchgears and Kiosks in 1981. In 2008 Company merged to Aktif Group as Aktif Elektroteknik (AET) and The Company became as an international co. after significant participation of Italian Friem S.p.A in 2009. 9000 m2 factory of AET is located in Ankara consisting of over 100 employees. AET operates with its 30 years of manufacturing experience, modernized machinery line, ever increasing know-how, experienced Turkish and Italian R&D teams, quality products type tested by the leading accredited European laboratories and the vision of new ideas to meet with the future expectations.



Friem S.p.A.

<span class='notranslate'>Friem S.p.A.</span>Friem manufactured over 40 million ampere and 1000 power rectifiers for the worldwide since it’s established in Milan at 1950. Having technical knowledge of energy and electro mechanics along with ability of complete design of conversion systems, Friem provides also HV DC insulators, DC switches, anodic control and protection products and Renewable Energy Inverters to its customers. Friem is a share holder of Aktif Elektronik in Turkey and also COET S.r.L in Italy.




Coet S.r.L.

<span class='notranslate'>Coet S.r.L.</span>Since establishment in 1962 in Milan, Coet has been producing AC / DC switching equipments and panels that are used safely by its customers thanks to the Coet’s work on industrial and electric equipment and patents obtained in this field. Coet has been working on Industrial and railway systems and has become one of the leading companies in the field of supplying switching equipments for traction substation.