It has great importance to monitoring the energy consumptions with energy meters (like electrc,ty meters) because of limited energy resources. Electricity distribution companies and settlements like Shopping Malls, Residences etc, uses electricity meters for billing the distributed or imported energy for billing in order to fairly distribute the cost of energy. In addition, it has common use of electricity meters to find the actual product cost reflecting energy cost to the product costs in factories.

Novada Continues to Trust Aktif Mühendislik Experience…

Akhisar Novada automatic meter reading system is under Aktif Mühendislik Guarantee.

Akhisar Novada Shopping Mall targets to customer satisfaction with his service and activities all the time. They know that, the best way for this service is installation of the best infrastructure system. The Aktif Mühendislik Prepayment AMR System which generally preferred by Shopping Malls was installed for Akhisar Novada. Iskraemeco energy meters and Actwin Smart AMR software were used as a complete solution.




Bodrum Caresse Chose Quality

Bodrum Caresse life complex was started to serve with 36 ultra-super lux residence. The authority of Bodrum Caresse chose Aktif Mühendislik’s experience and quality where they get best for everything. In life complex, the energy and water meters connected to the automatic meter reading system automation via RS485 and M-Bus communication lines. ISKRA MT174 professional products was chosen as an energy meter. Central Actwin Smart Software user-friendly interface is under command of Bodrum Caresse.



The New Power for Industrial Energy Meters…

MT880i is designed for industrial usage. High sensitivity, 4 quadrant - two way (import & export) energy measurement and high capacity 32 parameter load profile featured structure is complete solution for general industrial facility needs. Especially, usage at new solar plant applications is very functional and trustworthy. Besides energy measurements, MT880i exceeds general energy meters logic with power quality measurements (Harmonic, sag & swell, interruption, etc…) according to EN50160 power quality standard. So, the network power quality can be monitored in best way by user. RS485 communication featured MT880i is one of the best solutions in the market which is answer to high measurement sensitivity (Class 0,5s) and multifunctional system requirements.



Aktif Group, continues to participate in fairs in 2016

4th International Istanbul Smart Grid and Cities Congress and Fair
20-21 April 2016 Stand No: 89-90-91