LV Power Quality Solutions

Electricity is one of the most important needs of daily life, when considered as a product by the end user, must be satisfactory in terms of quality and performance. When called for the , seamless and convenient service to mind while by the end user, frequency and amplitude should stable in technical aspects of the power quality which means an voltage of the pure sinusoidal shape. Poor power quality means as lead to losses in financial terms, the negative impact on the environment and creates electrical safety concerns.

Aktif Engineering has added new one in Rail System Compensation Reference list.

Project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Square-Airport-Expo Aksu prepared by a total of 19 km of railway line and reactive power compensation system has been designed and manufacturing cycle has been completed by Aktif Engineering.

Aktif Engineering products are used in the first stage of the Project in 2008, in this eight-year period compensation system has worked successfully and no penalty is paid about reactive compensation.
Reactive Power Compensation should use in rail systems because medium voltage cables used in distribution is in a long distance and these cables creates a capacitive effect. The most accurate way to calculate this Reactive Power, using load flow analysis software for like this projects. Load flow analysis, required Reactive Power is determined. The system ensures the correct operation by doing the stage design of shunt reactor systems that will produced. The system is automatically monitored and activated stages when it needs because system is always dynamic. Aktif Engineering is the manufacturer with an unrivaled reference that we have produced in the shunt reactor system design and manufacturing of 20 years knowledge and by expert engineers in on rail system compensation.

Our references in the field of rail system reactive power compensation;
  • Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Rail System
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadikoy - Kartal Metro Line
  • Konya Metropolitan Municipality Alaaddin - Justice Light Rail System
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Üsküdar - Umraniye - Çekmeköy Metro Line
  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System 1st and 2nd stage

You can see our References page for other references.


Shunt Reactors And Shunt Reactor Banks

The main advantages of Shunt Reactor and Banks are listed below:

  • Products for different voltage and power levels
  • Dry type with iron core
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Installation with cubicles and automatic system with customer requests.




We are attended to the Middle East Electricity Exhibition 2016

Aktif Group had been joined Middle East Electricity exhibition 2016 in Dubai at 01-03 March 2016.
We introduced our products with the visitors who are from all over The World at The Middle East Exhibition that is the annual and industrial automation, renewable energy, Increasing the energy efficiency Works, and bringing together international partners in their service issues.