Solar Products

The RECon Line concept is derived from the long experience FRIEM has achieved in Power Conversion and in the use of all kind of semiconductors. The RECon Line has been developed following FRIEM’s traditional concepts of reliability, efficiency and modularity devoted to high flexibility and easy maintenance.

The Commissioning Of The First Rooftop Solar Power Plant Which Used Modular Centralized Inverter Has Been Done.

Yayla Gıda Ankara

One of the most important legumes companies of Turkey, Yayla Gıda, it was lead the way in the roof top solar power plant of 1 MWp which installed at Kazan facility in Ankara. Panels installed east-west has been connected to the FRIEM Modular Centralized containing 2 MPPTs via DC string boxes.

Thanks to the multiple MPPT feature of the Friem Modular Center Inverter, the design that does not require to use string inverters and provides saves on investment costs, using high efficiency inverters, reducing the time of return on investment compared to the other examples.


Friem RECon Line Centralized Modular Solar Inverters

Friem RECon Line Centralized Modular Solar InvertersFriem RECon Line Centralized Modular Solar Inverters are the first born and represent the flagship of RECon Line.

Friem RECon Line Centralized Modular Solar Inverters have modular and compact design; they can be used as single unit or combined in parallel to reach the requested power.



Friem RST Solar Substation

Friem RST Solar SubstationThe RST represents a "plug & play" solution already assembled and tested in the factory. It is ready to be transported and installed on-site, connected through the string boxes to the PV panels, then connected to the grid.