Yalın Üretim Başladı

At the beginning of 2018, the Lean Manufacturing Project, which will include our old factory and our new factory, which has a 2400 m2 closed area in addition to the existing factory in 2017, has been launched and the name of the project has been identified as "Compass".

In order to realize the Lean Transformation, one of the first steps in the journey of operational excellence, the ability to implement the following concepts and principles permanently was identified as the main objective of this project:

Value", "Value Streaming", "Continuously Flowing", "Pulling", "Excellence"

In order to adapt the Lean Manufacturing System to the factory, we aimed to minimize the cost, labor, fire, error, stock and customer dissatisfaction in the light of these lean principles. Firstly, the whole team was trained and plans were made in order to ensure sustainability.

Line designs were made to ensure that the assembly lines were compatible with the "pull" system, which is one of the basic principles of the Lean Manufacturing System. At each end of the line, the "Test Fields", where safety precautions were taken and equipped with new devices, were established. After the test areas, the "FAT" fields were created for Factory Acceptance Tests.

The current production pradigm has been completely changed, focusing on lower and upper structure studies to put material planning and job preparation processes into practice, ensuring that the date of the installation will start with complete and error-free materials as soon as possible.

Aktif Elektroteknik A.Ş has completed the "36 kV-SME" type product, which is one of the products of high voltage switching and control arrangement, on 11.05.2018 as the result of long-term design and application studies with its experienced staff.

We wish that our project will be beneficial to our country, to our customers, to our company and to all our team who have the determination to overcome all the challenges that will come to pass in the future.

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