Aktif Group added a new company “Elektres Elektroteknik Ltd." into its group of companies by acquiring majority of its shares. Elektres is manufacturing Neutral Grounding Resistors, Harmonic Filter Resistor, HMI operated Load Banks, Starting Resistors, Breaking Resistors, etc. in its facility close to Istanbul.

Aktif Group is aiming to be one of the leading resistor manufacturer as well as its MV switchgear and portfolio. With this acquisition Aktif will now be able to manufacture 100% its own resistor and resistor banks, representing Aktif quality at international market.

Afterwards, Aktif will be integrating its specialty and know-how also to manufacture complete range of RLC for power applications by producing insulation transformers, control transformers, damping reactors, harmonic filter reactors, etc. in 2018 and then the power capacitors in 2019 to complete high quality RLC solution which will lead to a great improvement and growth at Energy, Industry and Railway systems.

We proudly announce this acquisition to all our business partners with great pleasure.

Ahmet Güvenman
Aktif Group / CEO