Aktif has supplied SNC-2 Metal Clad Switchgears of the project which The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs describes as “it is the first original project all over the World” will provide water need of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. During the project, quality of Aktif brand had been approved by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works and Aktif had been put on the approved brand list. Within the scope of the project, Aktif had given 16 pcs 12kV, 1250A, 25kA/3s and 13 pcs 24kV, 1250A, 25kA/3s SNC-2 type SNC-2 type Metal Clad Switchgears.

The water retained in Alaköprü Dam at Turkey side, will be transferred to Geçitköy Dam at Cyprus side via submarine pipeline and will be distributed in the city water system. Water transfer from the pipeline to Geçiköy Dam will be provided by way of Güzelyalı Pumping Station and the water retained in Geçitköy Dam will be transferred to city water system by way of Geçitköy Pumping Station.

The last phase of the project which had been started on 7th of March, 2011 had been completed and commissioned on 17th of October, 2015.