Çelikler Sultanhisar Power Plants

Aktif Elektroteknik 12kV SNC-1 series metal clad switchgears for Sultanhisar Geothermal Power Plant.

Sultanhisar GPP-II which Çelikler Geothermal Power Generation Co. is the main contractor has 22,51 MWe power capacity on 3408,25 hectare area at Aydın.

Geothermal resource is the ground heat and the hot water, steam, and gases that contain the chemicals which occurs at various depths of the earth's crust. In Geothermal Power Plants, geothermal sources are transformed into electrical energy by turbines. Geothermal energy is a new, renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, cheap, reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic and green primary energy source. Geothermal Power Plants are amortizing themselves within six years after they are taken into operation.