Jakarta Tramvay Project

Jakarta LRT (Jakarta Light Rail Transit) is a light metro system that currently is under construction in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia that system is planned to connect Jakarta city center with suburbs in Greater Jakarta such as Bekasi, Bogor, and Depok.

The LRT Tramway project, planned to be establish between Kelapa Gading and Velodrome locations, consists of 5 stations and depot areas.

With the contributions of Aktif Muhendislik and after negotiations with local authorities, project consultants and contractors, it has been agreed that Jakarta Tramway will be feeding by Coet DC cubicles and Tesar Transformers.

In the LRT Tramway Project insist of 7 pieces 3.300 kVA Traction Transformers, 7 pieces 3,000 kW Rectifier, 7 pieces 8,000 A DC Incoming Cubicles, 24 pieces 4,000 A DC Feeder Cubicles and 7 pieces VLD.