Totally 39 Stations will be included in Antalya 3rd Stage Tram Project

Totally 39 Stations will be included in Antalya 3rd Stage Tram Project

Starting from Kepez Varsak and joining the nostalgic tramway line in front of the Training Research Hospital in Muratpaşa Meltem, there will be a total of 39 stations, 38 of which are on ground level and 1 underground of the 25-kilometer 3rd Phase Rail System Project. The line, which will start from the old town hall, will continue until Suleyman Demirel Boulevard, Sakarya Boulevard, Bus Station Junction, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Faculty of Medicine, Meltem, Training Research Hospital and Museum and will join with the old nostalgia tram. The giant project that will bring contemporary public transportation to Kepez will also modernize the nostalgic tram line. The nostalgia tram line between the Museum and Zerdalilik will be has a new wagon.

In Antalya 3. Part Railway project, which has 13 Substations in total, Traction Equipment will be supplied by Aktif Group as in the 2. Part Railway Project. Aktif brand SMC series Metal Clad MV Switchgears, Tesar brand Traction transformers and distribution transformers, Coet brand Traction Rectifiers, DC Cubicles and Disconnector Cubicles will be used in Antalya 3. Part Railway Project.

As in the 2. Phase Rail Systems in Antalya, Aktif Brand will be preferred in Compensation Systems in Phase 3. With the 1800 kVAR Thyristor Shunt Reactor System, the compensation requirement of Antalya 3rd Stage Rail Systems will be met.

Equipment will be used in the project;

MV Switchgears,
68 pieces 36 kV 1250A 25kA SMC Metal Clad MV Switchgears

Dry Type Traction Transformers
13 pieces 2750 kVA Traction Transformers

Dry Type Distribution Transformers
2 pieces 2000 kVA Distribution Transformers
1 piece 1000 kVA Distribution Transformer
1 piece 400 kVA Distribution Transformers
3 pieces 250 kVA Distribution Transformers
7 pieces 160 kVA Distribution Transformers

Shut Reactor Power Factor Correction System
8 pieces 100 kVAr Thyristor Controlled Compensation Panel
5 pieces 200 kVAr Thyristor Controlled Compensation Panel

Traction Rectifier
13 pieces 2500 kW 12 pulses Rectifier

DC Switchgears
13 pieces DC Incoming Cubicles
52 pieces 750 VDC Feeder Cubicles
13 pieces 750 VDC Main and By-Pass Disconnector Cubicles
13 pieces Voltage Limiting Device