Accurateness of ‘Aktif Güç Elemanları’ resistor manufacturing member of Aktif Group Companies has also reflected on very low level of failure rate statistics.

Last 100.000 pieces of manufactured Braking Resistors were identified faulty with 0.07% fault rate however it has been verified by Aktif as 0.06% for the 10.000 pieces of lastly manufactured ones.

Aktif keeps increasing its loyal client’s numbers by manufacturing reliable and premium quality products which helps to maintain its facility sustainability having one of the lowest defective manufacturing rates in the entire world.

We’d be glad to provide you our reference list in order to reveal our customers satisfactions.

Aktif who has always set customer satisfaction in the first place has been continuing to serve with same level of attention at its each group of companies.

Maximum Substantiality and Satisfaction with only %0.06 failure rate at Breaking Resistor Manufacturing