FRIEM was founded in 1950 in order to design and manufacture High Power Converters and continues to manufacture and develop Power Converters for Rail System, Renewable Energy and Industry Sectors with 65 years of experience. FRIEM has manufactured and commissioned more than 2000 high power converters since 1950 and it has more than 50 million amp operating products around the world. It also makes considerable contributions to World's clean energy with installed inverters more than 800 MW around the world.

RECon RST Solar Distribution Stations are developed by AKTIF depending on FRIEM's traditional reliability, efficiency, easy maintenance and high flexibility concepts. Solar Kiosk can be manufactured as monoblock, prefabricated metal or concrete kiosk depending on requirement of the project.

A single RST distribution center may contain all equipments (Inverters, Step-up Transformer, MV Switchgear) required for power converting in solar power plants up to 2,4 MWp installed power.

RECon RST Solar Distribution Stations is also a unique plug & play solution that is transferred to the site as ready for connection to solar panels and grid and whose assembling and tests are completed in the Aktif Group production site. This unique feature ensures the contractors to directly connect to the grid by making only DC cable connections coming from PV panels. Besides, contractor or investor can considerably reduce their costs such as labor, engineering and transportation with previously performed assembling. Maintenance and operation easiness caused by containment of all equipments in a single kiosk is only one advantage of RST. System can be operated with high efficiency at most difficult geographical conditions with the industrial cooling system that can be optionally added in RST distribution centers. RST distribution centers ensure operation of all equipments indoor and in clean environments and therefore all equipments operate with long life and stability.

RECON Line Modular type solar inverters used in RST distribution centers provide installation, maintenance and service advantages with their modular structure and maintain rapid return of investment cost with 99,3% efficiency rate.

FRIEM with its wide service network through companies, partnerships and agencies in 4 continents and 20 countries on the world, renders services in Turkey through AKTIF GROUP partnerships in Ankara and Istanbul. FRIEM has world-wide services with its long years experience of manufacturing, R&D and competent technical service staff. In addition, unique Withdrawable Power Conversation Section of modular inverters provides raid and easy service opportunity to services and customers.


SOLAR PARK in Bulgaria: 10MW
Totally equipped with FRIEM’s Inverters type 30H-900
Location: Sliven - Bulgaria
Plant Size: 10MW
For more than 43.000 solar modules
Station: RST
Inverters type: RECon 30H-900

SOLAR PARK in Italy: 10MW
Totally equipped with FRIEM’s Inverters type 30H-900
Location: Buccino - Italia
Plant Size: 10MW
For more than 43.000 solar modules JT Solar
Station: RST
Inverters type: RECon 30H-900

Totally equipped with FRIEM’s Inverters type 30H-900 & 30H-600

Location: Airasca/Cherasco - Italy
Plant Size: 9,6MW
For more than 41.000 solar modules
Station: RST-100
Inverters type: RECon 30H-900 & 30H-600 
Totally equipped with FRIEM’s Inverters type 30H-900
Location: Catania – Siracusa - Palermo (Italia)
Plant Size: 11MW
For more than 45.000 solar modules
Station: RST-100
Inverters type: RECon 30H