Aktif Mühendislik designed and manufactured the Reactive Power Compensation System of 19 km Railway Line of the Square-Airport-Expo Aksu Project which was announced by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The first stage of the Project was completed in 2008 with Aktif Mühendislik products. Reactive Power Compensation System has been running successfully for the past eight years and End-User has not condemned any reactive power penalty since the successful completion of the project.

Reactive Power Compensation has to be used in rail systems because long distanced medium voltage cables cause a capacitive effect. The most accurate way to calculate a Reactive Power is to use a load flow analysis software. Basically Load Flow analysis programs calculate how much Reactive Power is generated by the system. Afterwards appropriate shunt reactor system needs to be designed to compensate the reactive power that is generated. Due to the dynamic system characteristics, system is automatically monitored and activated between the stages depending on the necessity.

Aktif Engineering is very experienced manufacturer with its 20 years of knowledge in shunt reactor systems with a lot of proven strong references in rail system compensation design, engineering and manufacturing.

Our references in the field of rail system reactive power compensation;

  • Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Rail System
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadikoy - Kartal Metro Line
  • Konya Metropolitan Municipality Alaaddin - Justice Light Rail System
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Üsküdar - Umraniye - Çekmeköy Metro Line
  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System 1st and 2nd stage

You can visit our References page for other references.