Tersan shipyard is one of the most prestigious marine in Turkey. Active filter application is completed successfully in dockyard by experts. We have undersigned a first with project of NB 1064.

System is analyzed for different scenarios with ETAP power system analyses program. Active filter is chosen after calculations of total and individual harmonic current distortion. Total harmonic voltage distortion is reduced 2% from %14 after commissioning.

IEEE std. 519-2014 is published by IEEE. Consumption of reactive power’s limits is determined with regulation by IEEE. The system has provided the necessary harmonic limit values for safe operation.

Aktif Mühendislik and ABB have a partnership for power quality field in Turkey. ABB brand PQFI active filters are used to reducing harmonic current with this partnership.

NB 1064 - 1 NB 1064 - 2 NB 1064 - 3 NB 1064 - 4