There are a lot of electrical measurement methods were developed by R&D departments. Some of them were about current measurement methods like shunt, current transformer, hall effect transformer, Rogowski coil etc... Rogowski coil is the gift to the measurement systems from Walter Rogowski. Rogowski coil technology can be used in a lot of working field like PLC systems, energy meter designs etc…

Especially when it is required to measure energy; if equipment or system have rogowski coil, this mean is user have a lot of advantage. In Rogowski coil featured energy meters, current is measured by rogowski coil and the voltage is measured with resistive divider.

Rogowski Sargısı

In this case, If the measurement system used the second rogowski coil for external magnetic effects, meter can separate the real energy measurement value and external fraud magnetic effects. With this advantage the energy distributor and last user can trust to the measurement system perfectly. The most important advantage of double rogowski coil usage is this high measurement accuracy guarantee. At high energy consumptions, there is no toleration for measurement fault. Especially distributor side.

The second important advantage of double rogowski coil usage is high long-term stability. Generally energy meters measurement circuits which are made without rogowski technology, needs calibration in periodic times. With Rogowski coil technology, stability of measurement is become best and the meter do not need any calibration ever in its life time. This feature provide that, user avoid from any meter calibration control or meter change costs.


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