When installing to Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems, all energy meters which are used in AMR System must be selected according to EPDK (Energy Market Regulation Institute) requirements. At this moment, general mistake is using energy analyzers to measure energy in billing system which device has not energy measurement as a main function.

If you look below, you can see that why we have to use energy meters but not to energy analyzers.

Main Differences Between Energy Meters and Energy Analyzers
Energy MeterEnergy Analyzer
SealableNot Sealable
Consumption cannot be erasedConsumption can be erased
It doesn’t need auxiliary supplyIt needs auxiliary supply
It Owns MID certificateIt doesn’t own MID certificate
Direct connection up to 120AIt can be connected with only CT

If subject is energy, energy meter is solution.

Shopping centers which have become familiar to us as recently being located on every each corner in the city, turning in to life centers of ours more every day.

These huge structure’s power needs where we can eat, fun and shop is growing day by day. This new power requirements bring a lot of problems.

At the top of these problems is the sharing of high energy consumption items such as electricity, water and heating. When sharing consumptions between customers, first of all every customer must be responsible about their own share. Next step is sharing to common area consumptions like moving stairway, indoor and outdoor lighting, etc. These consumptions must be shared between all customers fairly too.

If we think according to electric energy; when big energy consumers such as shopping malls – Office buildings – and residences are supplied from middle voltage level by electric distribution firms, the customers are responsible about their own and all common area consumptions.

If these big powerful structures make their energy agreements with energy distribution firms at low voltage level, all customers are responsible to energy supplier firm about their own consumptions and they are responsible to building management about common area’s consumptions.

In today's conditions, these large powerful structures need an automatic meter reading system (AMR) to make their agreement with energy distribution companies whether they are at Medium Voltage or Low Voltage common area consumption.


There are a lot of method to calculation of common area consumption sharing. One of these method is “Calculation According to Area” and the other one is “Calculation According to Consumption”

  • Calculation According to Area:In this calculation type, the ratio of customer’s area to total area is used.

xCustomer Area
yTotal Area
zTotal Common Area Consumption

Consumption Calculation
  • Calculation According to Consumption:In this calculation type, Common Area Consumption sharing is made according to customer’s their own consumptions.

xCustomer Consumption
yCustomer's total Consumption
zTotal Common Area Consumption

Consumption Calculation

As you see, the used formula is same but the main parameter is different. For that reason this main parameter must be chosen carefully according to system and building structure. Only this way can be a fair sharing of consumption in common areas.

Tarık Ateş - Smart Grid Solution Manager - Aktif Mühendislik