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Aktif Güç Elemanlari was established in 2009 in Sakarya with the name of “Elektres” for the purpose of serving in the sectors low and high voltage industrial power loads.

The company started its production life with braking resistances, starting resistors and panel heaters. It began in order of producing Load banks, Neutral Grounding Resistors, Filter Resistors, Charge and Discharge Resistors, that proved to be one of the most important players in the industry with its complete product range and design and quality.

When the company reaches its fifth year, it manufactures 30.000 braking resistors per year. With its excellent automatic Load Bank design and numerous successful projects, it has established the conditions of how the Load bank should be in the sector and completed the entire resistor band.

With the participation of Aktif Group in 2018, it has been preserved as Elektres brand and the company has started to work on R & D to produce all the power components as well as resistor.


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Our Mission is To Bring The Most Competitive, Widest Possible Solutions and Applications

Energy is one of the basic requirements for worldwide economic development but the greenhouse gases effect depends on great extent on how energy is produced. as AKTIF Group, do endorse Global compact and sustainable development as one of the pillars of our business approach.

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