As Aktif Group, our vision for social responsibility is based on our sense of responsibility for the earth we live in and the society we live with. With this understanding we support and contribute to various social responsibility projects.

With the vision of “contributing to creating skilled labour resources in Turkey”, Aktif Group has also supported educational projects since its foundation. 

Our company has a belief in the potential of the youth and in order to create equality of opportunity it offers non-refundable grant to the successful students of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Electronic Engineering in the universities all around Turkey.  

Along with providing financial opportunities, we also offer internships for students to experience the business life, increase their self-confidence and to support their personal professional development.

For more information about the scholarship application criteria you can contact us from our contact page.

İstanbul Technical University Yıldız Technical University Middle East Technical University Kocaeli University Faculty of Technical Education

Aktif group also considers the disabled citizens. With the motto of “being the voice silence” we have tried to be a voice for deaf people with our support to the Deaf Association (IED).

As the Aktif Group family we consistently maintain our voluntary support in social responsibility projects in order to convert our energy to social benefits.