Ucgenler Inc. has been established on 220.000 m2 field to generate electricity from the Solar power. Ucgenler is an unlicensed type of solar power plant generating electricity according to Turkish Ministry of Energy regulation, designed and built to operate for 25 years life time with under purchasing electricity warranty of government during 10 years.

Power transformation and distribution part of the solar power plant was built up by Solar Substation Package of Aktif and Friem. Plant currently has 11.5 MWp power capacity which is limited with 10MW demand power and 4MW part of the plant belongs to Ucgenler Inc. who is a member of Aktif Group.

Ucgenler is designed to run with %87.5 efficiency to provide 20 GWh annual energy and has been running with 3% higher performance compared to the initial energy production calculations.

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