Ankara Etlik Şehir Hastanesi

The project, which has a total investment cost of 1.1 billion Euros for Ankara Etlik Integrated Health Campus, which is among the largest hospitals in the world, consists of a total of 9 hospitals with a closed area of 1,215,000 m2, with a bed capacity of 3,577. In 2017 and 2018, a total of 440 isolated power panels were supplied from Aktif Mühendislik for the energy supply of Group2 rooms such as the Operating Room, Intensive Care, and Premature Baby rooms. In 2021, Aktif Mühendislik completed the production of Operating Room Control Panels for the giant complex with 125 Operating Rooms, and undertook the production of 73 sets of Isolated Power Systems planned in addition to 440 isolated power panels.

Demulaş Mühendislik

We are very pleased to work with Aktif Group in our project solutions within the scope of both product and sales and after-sales engineering services. We also use Aktif's DC Separator Panels in our latest Sabiha Gökçen Metro project. We consider ourselves lucky to have a business-minded solution partner that responds quickly and precisely to our needs, in addition to products that add value to our projects.

Erde Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

We are very pleased to work with Aktif Group for many years in our project solutions, both within the scope of product and sales and after-sales engineering services. In our recent Bağcılar Medipol Hospital project, we also benefited from Aktif's Isolated Power Systems and Operating Room Control Panel products and services. Besides the products that add value to our projects, we consider ourselves lucky to have a business-minded solution partner who responds quickly and precisely to our needs.

Ekay Mühendislik

Ekay Mühendislik Elektrik Enerji İth.İhracat Tic.Ltd. We used Active Power Elements solutions for our different hydroelectric and biogas projects (Çamlık, Direktaş, Ghana, Meydancık, Morgedik, Amasya Akdağ Hes Projects, Bucak, Şanlurfa Babil Bes Projects). Within the scope of the projects, 22 Neutral Grounding Resistors were supplied by Active Power Elements. We would like to thank the Aktif Power Elements family once again for the quality of service and friendly behavior they have provided in our projects so far.

AY Döküm

We have a high standard in our business understanding. Each of our projects bearing our signature carries the claim of excellence, which is the mission of our institution. Naturally, we show the same sensitivity in all components that make up our project. We met with Aktif Elektroteknik for the first time in our new factory project. In addition to the performance of their products worthy of our project, we were also satisfied with their knowledge and approach. We can already say that we will be together in our future projects.

Ataşehir Medicana Hastanesi

Medicana Ataşehir Hospital, one of the important health centers not only in Turkey but also in Europe, was planned to serve in all branches of medicine with its modern technological infrastructure and high-level hospital architecture. Active Engineering, which has been producing isolated power systems used in group 2 rooms in Medical fields for more than 20 years, has proven its reliability in the newest hospital of the Medicana Hospital Group by meeting the isolated power system needs of all Group 2 rooms in Ataşehir Medicana hospital and the Operating Room Control Panel needs used in the Operating Rooms.


We preferred Aktif Elektronik, which stands out with its professionalism and know-how, for the Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani Airport Project, signed by our institution DHMI, headquartered in Ağrı. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the Metal Clad Cell products we use. In addition, we would like to thank Aktif Elektroteknik for showing the same care and solution-oriented sincere approach in after-sales services as well as sales services.

Güralp Vinç Ve Makine

Güralp Vinç Ve Mak. Konst. San. Ve Tic. A.Ş., we are very pleased to work with Aktif Power Elements. In the projects we work with, braking resistors that meet our demands without any problems and maintain their performance for years above our expectations with their quality, engineering and technology are proof of how right we made the choice. We would like to thank the Active Power Elements family for making us experience this quality.