A load bank is an electrical equipment that delivers certain amount of electrical power for the operation of the dummy loads. Load banks are the testing device that are used to test the reliability factor and performance of the electrical equipment’s like output of the generator, switching gears, transformers, motors, UPS, data center cooling process and many local power supply networks. They are furthermore an exceptional response for controlling support power systems like batteries and UPS. Load banks used for generators deliver you all the required credentials of you generating device rather they are operating on full load or no-load condition. A load bank test generates counterfeit weights on the generator via conveying the engine to a reasonable working temperature and squeezing factors. A load bank test ensures that your generator will run suitably when it’s required so you can totally depend upon it during an emergency. Load banks are the best way to replicate, prove and verify the real-life demands on critical power systems. For load banks catalof please click link!


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Load banks are either compact or fixed. Fixed burden banks suit outside use, while compact load banks can move around the server farm and between locales to test explicit power setup. There are different load banks based on their usage. Most common load banks are: resistive, capacitive, inductive .etc. A resistive load bank stacks the power source. A resistive load bank can be utilized to completely test the generator set at 100% nameplate kW rating. It will likewise completely stack the generator cooling, fuel, and exhaust frameworks. Just 80% of the generator set nameplate kVA rating can be accomplished while using a resistive unit.

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The resistive load bank will give a solidarity or 1 power factor (PF) burden to the framework under test. An inductive load bank is typically utilized related to a resistive unit to give a slacking power factor load test. This gives the ability to test the generator set completely at 100% nameplate kVA rating. Inductive load banks add inductance to the heap and in this way diminish the PF to not as much as solidarity (regularly 0.8pf on diesel gen-set). Inductive load banks are appraised in kilovolt-amperes receptive (kVAr).

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A capacitive load bank is ordinarily utilized related to a resistive unit to give a main force factor load test. Capacitive load banks consolidate mechanical capacitors and increment the PF to above solidarity (driving). Capacitive load banks are appraised in kilovolt-amperes responsive (kVAr). Since all the test vary from each other, the load bank selection choice should be made with great precuation. This will both shorten the project time and reduce costs.