MV Power Capacitors

MV Power Capacitors has two main advantages as listed below:

  • Long life period thanks to its stainless steel design.
  • Special Design accordance to every voltage and current requirements.

MV Power Capacitors is equipped with weld type porcelain bushings.Containers are made of stainless steel and painted with suitable primer coat prior to finishing coat to ensure prolonged durability. Medium voltage capacitor is designed and manufactured by using latest technology and high quality materials. Capacitors can discharge easily thanks to its internal discharge resistor. Capacitors have internal fuse or external fuse (accordance to requirements). At the same time, MV Power Capacitors is PCB-free which means that it is completely environmental friendly.

MV Power Capacitors | Technical Features

Technical specifications of MV Power Capacitors are listed below:

    Single Phase Three Phase
Type   Impregnated dielectric film
Nominal frequency   50/60 Hz
Average losses   0.08…0.15 W/kVAr
Dielectic liquid   PCB-free
All-film dielectric   Polypropylene
Temperature class   -40 ...+55°C
Standards   IEC, BS, IEC 60871-1 ANSI/IEEE, CSA
Standard color   Grey (RAL 7035)
Standard bushings   125 kV BIL, 380 mm
    150 kV BIL, 620 mm
    200 kV BIL, 820 mm
Rated power   100 ...1000 kVAr
Rated voltage Internal fuse 1000 ... 14000 V 1000 ... 8000 V
  External fuse 14000 V and more 8000V and more

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