In-House Production

SCK-2 Compact Substations

The main advantages of Aktif SCK-2 Compact Substations are described below:

  • Internal arc classification in compliance with IAC A and B
  • Protection class from IP23D up to IP54 
  • Suitable insulation material to ambient conditions 
  • NPU or NPI base profiles made by hot-dip galvanized against corrosion
  • Doors can be opened 120° outside and designed against to 20 J mechanical shock
  • Rubber floor covering at level of 50kV and has A1 Incombustibility degree
  • HVAC systems 
  • Fire detecting and extinguisher system 
  • Different applications on trailer, platform, wagon, vessel 
  • Special design and production to application

SCK-2 Compact Substations is produced in compliance with Zone 2 area conditions for Oil & Gas applications.

SCK-2 Compact Substations can be equipped with special systems according to request like fire alarm and fighting systems, smoke and gas detectors, HVAC systems, ventilation and pressurization systems, ex-proof fan, ex-proof lighting, insulated floor covering, communication systems, emergency power supply etc.   

Related standards for SCK-2 Compact Substations

  • IEC 62271-202 : Prefabricated substations
  • IEC 60076 : Distribution Transformers
  • IEC 62271-200 : MV Panels
  • IEC 60529 : IP Protection Class
  • IEC 60721-1 : Environmental Classification

SCK-2 Compact Substations has TSE, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 quality certificates.

SCK-2 Compact Substations | Technical Features

Technical specifications of SCK-2 Compact Substations are listed below:

  • Altitude : 1000 m
  • Ambient Temperature : -25 ... +50 °C
  • Earthquake Resistance : 0.5 g horizontal and 0.4 g vertical
  • Ur : max 40.5 kV
  • Fr : 50/60 Hz
  • IAC : A and B
  • IP : up to IP54
  • Hazerdous Area : Zone2

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