EV Charging Stations

Aktif Mühendislik distributes “Yess Energy” EV charging station who has partnership with our shareholder Friem.

With Yess, Aktif supplies innovative charging stations that allow cost reduction in electrical connection and its maintenance, through an intelligent and automated management of energy flow.

Like everything in today’s technology, EV charging stations are also cloud-based and allows supervisors and end customers to access useful data and communicate directly with the system.

Possibilities that are available over the cloud are:

For the Supervisor

  • Monitoring of the state of the recharge points
  • Monitoring of reservations
  • Dashboard for monitoring of the recharges and occupied car parks (stop)
  • Management of costs at the end of the recharge cycle
  • Business Intelligence
  • Statistical functions, monthly data of use, invoicing, consumptions

For End Customer

  • Geo-location of recharging stations
  • E-payment and contactless payment
  • Management and reservation of recharge/stop areas
  • Necessity recharging time and indicator of the state of the charge in progress
  • Payment history
  • Estimate of the itinerary to reach station
  • Visibility of reservations already booked
  • Saving the most used charging points
  • Advisory of faulty or damaged stations