Energy Storage Systems

Friem is share holder in Aktif Elektroteknik that manufactures switchgears and kiosk and also supplier of Aktif Mühendislik in solar energy and energy storage systems.

Friem HYCon is a comprehensive line of Hybrid Inverters and Power Converters developed to respond to multiple and different requirements of Energy Storage Systems applied to Mini-Grid and Energy Management. Thanks to the huge experience in Solar PV field and Industrial Automation, our solution can integrate to multiple sources and manage the energy supplied to the loads, optimizing the reliability, availability and profitability of the Mini-Grid. All the most common Battery Technologies can be used (Li-ion, Lead, Red-Ox, Hydrogen etc.) so that the energy storage systems (ESS) can be fully customized to the plant’s requirements.

ESS are used in Mini-Grid & Energy Management, Renewable Energy Generation and Grid Ancillary Service applications.

At Grids, it supplies energy continuity by storing renewable energy to guarantee the supply of loads and minimizing the use of diesel genset, it also stores or releases energy to minimize the electricity cost. In renewable energy generation, ESS may release the stored energy during peak periods or according to a pre-defined generation pattern. Energy Storage System is also used in Grid Ancillary Systems by automatically controlling of active/reactive power, voltage and frequency regulation.