In-House Production

Sensing Resistors

Sensing resistors are used with monitoring relays (continuity relays) which detect loose or broken resistor connections in products which limit phase to ground fault currents such as neutral grounding resistors, high-resistance neutral grounding systems and generator neutral cubicles.

One of Sensing resistor terminal is connected to the neutral point which passes through the neutral current transformer (parallel with the neutral resistor) and the other terminal is connected to the monitoring relay. The monitoring relay sends the low-amplitude high-frequency signal to the neutral resistor through the sensing resistor and reads the current and voltage at the neutral point. In this way the resistance of the neutral grounding resistor is controlled continuously and a warning and/or trip signal is sent in case of a resistance different than the set value.

Aktif sensing resistors are manufactured and tested according to insulation of the network and monitoring relay.

Technical Specifications:
  • Suitable fup to 36/√3 kV rated voltage
  • Manufactured suitable material resistant to oxidation and corrosion for extreme ambient conditions,
  • Special mechanical and electrical design to withstand high temperature and insrush current and high voltage
  • Design and tests in accordance with IEC 60071-1 and other special specifications

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