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High Power Converter

High Power Converter | Production

Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture High Power Converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how in energy conversion for industrial and traction applications.

High Power Converter | Products

Thanks to the experience matured in more than fifty years of activity FRIEM is now capable to supply air, water and deionized water cooled Rectifiers and Converters giving to the customer a complete Conversion System tailored on his application and complying with IEC or ANSI/IEEE Standards.

This ability also allows FRIEM to design and supply Interphase Reactors, Smoothing Reactors, Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filter systems and to support the rectifier transformer manufacturer in designing reliable and efficient machinery. FRIEM can also provide Worldwide erection and commissioning services together with a reliable full after-sale assistance and supplying of spare parts.

High Power Converter | General Features

As a power converter, High Power Converter has the below characteristics:

  • Connection: Bridge, Double Bridge (Series or Parallel), Double Star, 2 x Double Star, Step-down Chopper
  • Type: Thyristor, Diode, IGBT
  • Cooling: Air, Water, Deionized Water
  • AC Input Voltage: 3 ph. 350 V ….. 20 kV, 50 …. 60 Hz
  • DC Output Voltage: 1500 V
  • DC Output Current: Up to 150 kA in only one rectifier cubicle; up to 450 kA with more units in parallel
  • DC Output Power: Up to more than 60MW with only one rectifier cubicle
  • Control: Current, Voltage and Power regulation thyristor phase firing control on load tap changer and saturable reactors for diode rectifier
  • IGBT switching control
  • Pulses: 6, 12, 18, 24 or more
Application Areas:
  • Electrochemical
  • Metal Refining
  • DC Arc Furnaces
  • Plasma Torch
  • Graphite Refining
  • Heating

High Power Converter | Quality

FRIEM Quality System is ISO9001 certified because quality has always been a standard in FRIEM’s design and production.

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