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Isolated Power Panels

The main advantages of Isolated Power Panels are listed below;

  • Affecting of personnel and patient from electrical shock is prevented.
  • Isolation fault does not cause power interruption.
  • Fault current in electrical system is decreased to levels that are not critic.
  • Continuity of power for medical locations is provided.
  • Electrical fault monitoring is taken under guarantee.
  • Fire risk caused by the faulty current is prevented.
  • It is ensured to protect high cost medical equipments against electrical faults.
  • Examination information obtained at a long of time vanishes as a result of electrical interruption.
  • Additional faulty currents are gathered and they are prevented to reach critic values.
  • Suspension for operating is prevented.

Isolated Power Panels

Isolated Power Panels are used in group 2 rooms in medical locations. It systems consist of auxiliary devices and test combinations such as isolated power panels and insulation transformer, isolation monitoring device, remote alarm panels.

When isolation fault occurs with isolated power systems, Isolated Power Panels ensures not to cause the system to energy interruption by opening protection equipments, to continue medical electrical equipments to their functions, not to decrease fault currents to non-critical values and not to live problem during operating by preventing energy interruption.

Isolation level is monitored continuously in Isolated Power Panels and converts the fault to alarm signal by detecting at adjustable level provided that it is not less than 50 kΩ. The alarm
in question takes part on control panels in operating theatres and on a section where nurse or technical personnel can easily hear and then control and intervene it in other rooms by monitoring over two remote alarm panels.

Alarm panels of Isolated Power Panels are used for the purpose of remote monitoring take part in room of personnel in duty or in technical service room.
Transformer temperature and load current information out of isolation level is continuously monitored and it is ensured to detect immediately and to give alarm when it gets out of nominal
values. Interruption does not occur in power supply. System continuity is ensured by preventing a second insulation fault that may occur in the system.

The following medical locations that carrying vital importance in hospitals and where medical devices are directly connected to patients are defined as group 2 room in accordance with IEC 60364-7-710 standard and isolated power system is used in these rooms.

Where to use Isolated Power Panels

The main areas in which Isolated Power Panels should be performed are listed below:

Type IGP 0710I1P-XX
Standards IEC 60364-7-710: 2002-11
Rated power of outgoing 3.15 / 4 / 5 / 6.3 / 8 / 10 kVA
Power supply unit A single phase line
Rated voltage 230 Vac
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated insulation level 3 kV / 1 min
Input protection gL fuse
Secondary output voltage 230 Vac
Output protection 2-pole tuses
Monitoring isolation resistance with LCD display
Alarm output isolation fault, excessive load, excessive temperature
Functional Test advanced isolation fault
Leakage current to enclosure < 0.5 mA
Response range 50 - 500 kΩ
Isolation fault detection time < 1s
Operating temperature -5 ........ +50 °C
Storage temperature -25 ...... +60 °C
Pane sizes 500 x 500 x 1750 mm
Distribution outlet 6-12 pieces as standard
Cooling system With double fan
Protection class IP 31
Color RAL 7035 / RAL 9003

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