LV Power Factor Correction - Capacitor & Filter Banks

Aktif low voltage capacitor banks are designed, manufactured and adapted to the specific needs of each client. There are thousands of references around the world. It has modular and compact design optimized for easy future expansion of the system. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. It is a packaged factory assembled reactive compensation system with modular switched capacitor steps, which will automatically compensate an individual load or the network to maintain a preset level of power factor.


what is power factor correction?

Power factor correction is a product used to maintain the required level of the previously designed power factors and to correct them automatically. Power factor corrections produced by the Aktif group are designed according to the needs of each user and made ready for use.

What is power factor correction capacitors?

Power factor correction capacitors are mostly used in maintenance periods of power factors. It is a device used by many business owners with its serious current power.

how to connect the power factor correction capacitor?

Power factor capacitors, which are very simple to use, vary according to the factors designed by users. It should also be noted that easily activated power factors have a serious current level.

How to size power factor correction?

Aktif Group does not hesitate to run to the help of its customers in this regard. Power factors, on average of 2 meters, can be placed in all areas of the workplace. 

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