In-House Production

SVC Static VAR Compensator

The main advantages of SVC Static VAR Compensator are described below:

  • Flicker reduction 
  • Voltage stabilization 
  • Reactive power compensation 
  • Reduction of heat loss
  • Reduction of harmonics 
  • Rise of efficiency 
  • Positive effect on the consumption of electrodes, heat 
  • losses and the lifetime of the furnace’s inside lining. 
  • Short return on investment period (1-2 years)

Aktif Static VAR Compensator (SVC) is designed to decrease power quality problems caused by rapidly changing active and reactive power and switching non-linear components like thyristors. The SVC system can keep bus voltage practically stable. 

The SVC system also reduces unexpected stops and expensive restart procedures. The benefit of SVC Static VAR Compensator can be notice that a constant power factor even despite of the variable reactive power in an industrial plant.

Compensation and improving the quality of power increases the capacity of active power transmission and reduces energy consumption. Due to the fact network overload can be avoided consequently electrical power is consumed efficiently facility as well as regionally.

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