Mobile Substations

Aktif Mobile Substation SMS series mobile substations are OG transformer and distribution substations on mobile platforms in order to provide energy for temporary or additional energy demands of facilities.

SMS series mobile substation is manufactured for applications like temporary power demands, mining applications, military camps, industrial facilities, emergency power demands and additional power requests.

SMS series mobile substation can be installed on trailer, platform, wagon, vessel according to the application and HV switching equipment can be chosen as gas insulated or air insulated. Complete mobile transformer substation can be equipped with remote control systems.

The main advantages of Aktif Mobile Substation are described below:

  • Mobile design
  • Operation in safety
  • Easy and quick transport and installment
  • Special design solutions for different applications
  • Diffferent applications on trailer, platform, wagon, vessel
  • Quick solution for Emergency Power or Additional Power Requests

SMS series mobile substation can be produced in a short time and low cost in comparison with fixed type substations.

SMS series mobile substation has TSE, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 quality certificates.

Technical specifications of Aktif Mobile Substation are listed below:

  • SMS 1 (Vpri / Vsec, F) : 3.6 – 40.5 kV / 0.23 - 0.69 kV, 50/60 Hz, (Güç) 0.5 - 4 MVA
  • SMS 2 (Vpri / Vsec, F) : 3.6 – 40.5 kV / 1 - 24 kV, 50/60 Hz, (Güç) 1 – 31.5 MVA
  • SMS 3 (Vpri/Vsec, F) : 52 - 245 kV / 3.6 - 10.5 kV, 50/60 Hz, (Güç) 1 - 45 MVA


What is the mobile substation?

Mobile substations have become the focus of large businesses and companies today. Mobile vehicles, which are spreading day by day in our world, are among the vehicles that have the potential to spread even more with their ease of use. Mobile devices, which are predicted to be used very actively in the last point of technology, have started to be used in the transformer sector. In the vehicles produced by Aktif Group with special designs, it was provided to follow the instant status of the substations with the instrument panel. Thanks to these mobile vehicles, which were also monitored by electricity companies, it was provided to perform transformer analysis on electrical conductivity.

What does mobile substation do?

Mobile substations are most useful when you have an existing transformer. Because if you have a transformer, you can control it instantly, change the values or even manage it thanks to mobile devices. If you have a lot of transformers, especially if you have transformers in different regions, these vehicles are for you. Mobile vehicles designed to follow transformers instantly and manage them are increasing day by day.

Who should use mobile substations?

If business owners use more than one transformer or only use one transformer substation, they must purchase mobile substations. These centers transmit instantaneous acceleration values, mv pressures and more in the transformer field to you instantly. 

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