NDM Energy Analyzers

NDM Energy Analyzers provide the following advantages:

  • Gain on space with rail mounting
  • Modbus-RTU communication
  • THD measurement
  • Network / Generator Tariff Option

It is ideal for users who have a space problem in electrical panels. Mod-bus communication makes it possible to use it in system solutions.

It is suitable for use in places where there is a large energy infrastructure with high measurement points like residential, shopping mall, etc. NDM series energy analyzers fully meet the need for faultless measurement in systems with multiple measuring points.

It is also suitable for use in communal areas. In systems where the generator is used, this expenditure must be priced separately. Because the energy transmission costs with the generator is higher. This separate measurement in the NDM series energy analyzers is available with a network / generator tariff version.

The NDM family of energy analyzers, which can measure reactive energy alongside active energy, also monitors possible compensation needs. Both import and export energy measurement capability allows you to monitor the energy generated as well as the energy consumed. In addition to energy parameters, it can measure current, voltage, power and frequency.

THD measurement, which is one of the power quality parameters used especially for 3-phase measurements, is a great help. There is no need for an energy analyzer to monitor harmonics, which are the most important problems of power quality problems.

NDM Energy Analyzers | Technical Specifications and Table

Model Phase Type Communication Accuracy MID Max Current Network / Generator
NDM 10 1 Phase Modbus Cl 1 Yes 45 A No
NDM 30-M 1 Phase Modbus Cl 1 Yes 100 A No
NDM 30-2T 1 phase Modbus Cl 1 Yes 100 A Yes
NDM 70-D 3 Phase Modbus Cl 1 Yes 100 A No
NDM 70-C 3 Phase Modbus Cl 1 Yes 5 A No

NDM Energy Analyzers | Technical Specifications

  • MID B measurement accuracy
  • 1 x 230V or 3 x 230 / 400V
  • Direct connection up to X / 5 or 100 A
  • Rail Mounting
  • Bi-directional Energy Measurement Capability
  • THD measurement capability

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