Solar Inverters

The RECon Line concept is derived from the long experience FRIEM has achieved in Power Conversion and in the use of all kind of semiconductors.

The RECon Line has been developed following FRIEM’s traditional concepts of reliability, efficiency and modularity devoted to high flexibility and easy maintenance.

All the models can be either used as a single unit or combined in parallel to reach the requested power.

The different sizes of the RECon Line Inverters are available in three main versions:

  1. RECon S: Single Phase and Three Phase String Inverters. Especially designed mainly for commercial and residential use, both indoor and outdoor.
  2. RECon Central Inverters – Non residential: Three phase Central Inverter with external LV/MV transformer. Thanks to the wide range of models, they can be employed in medium and large photovoltaic fields.
  3. RECon RST Line – Utility Scale: complete turn-key solution for utility scale photovoltaic plants.