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RECon Line Modular Solar Inverters

RECon Line Modular Solar Inverters are the first born and represent the flagship of RECon Line.

The line has been developed following FRIEM’s traditional concepts of reliability, efficiency and modularity, devoted to high flexibility and easy maintenance.

RECon Line Modular Solar Inverters have modular and compact design; they can be used as single unit or combined in parallel to reach the requested power.

From one single module up to six modules, starting from 100 kWp up to 1470 kWp, with 100% independent operation of each module.
Thanks to the modularity, each Inverter can manage more than one independent subfield with different irradiation and exposition, with multiple MPPTs (up to 6 MPPTs for MW A.C.).

Fully automated Regulation performing, Control and Protection, highest conversion efficiency, standard Modbus-RTU communication protocols and a touch screen operator panel, are definitively value added features.

With 20 years life design, and industrial design suitable for hard environments, FRIEM’s Inverters ensure easy maintenance and quick replacement of the main components, granting the possibility of easy onsite maintenance and simplified spare parts management.

The complete Removable Inverter Board can be replaced in only 1 hour, ensuring full reliability and continuity of production.

All the different models of the RECon Line have been tested and certified according to IEC Standards and CE Directive, UL and CEC.

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