Product of Coet

Traction Rectifiers

Air cooled Diode Coet Traction Rectifiers is designed for Train Lines, Metro Lines and Tram Lines. The range is completed with complete line of inverters and bidirectional converters, using thyristor, IGBT or GTO, to comply with the recent requests of braking energy recovery, Traction converters are fully comply with IEC or ANSI/IEEE standards and the most severe standards for heavy traction service. 

When used Coet Traction Rectifiers, low losses, low operating temperatures, reduced maintenance and noise are granted by the specific design of the power section.

Coet Traction Rectifiers | Technical Features

Technical specifications of Coet Traction Rectifiers are listed below:

  • Connection : Double bridge [serial- parallel]
  • Type :  Diode
  • Cooling :  natural, forced air or water cooling
  • DC Output Voltage :  up to 3300 Vdc
  • DC Output Current :  up to 5000 A 
  • Number of  Pulses : 6 or 12
  • Standards : IEC  146- ANSI/ IEEE

Protection Functions

  • Over current, over voltage, low voltage, phase sequence
  • [n-1] redundancy and alarm output 
  • Fast fuse protection for each diode 
  • Alarm Panel for monitoring all alarms
  • Thermal protection on semi conduit bars.

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