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Simulation engineering provided by Aktif Mühendislik is an engineering service enabling interpretation of positive/negative situations to be caused by revisions to be performed in an existing electrical system or a new designed electrical system, design, envisaging possible problems and analyzing distribution and industrial power systems at the same time. 

Our company provides services in many issues such as load flow analysis, voltage reduction, short circuit analysis, relay coordination, harmonic analysis, transient analysis with the simulation software. Analyzes are performed for all electrical systems and reported to you.

Data related with the load are taken from the manufacturer in the simulation program and following required calculations, values such as active power, reactive power, grid voltage, transformer powers, power coefficient, short circuit power, sequence harmonic values are entered.

 Table 1 – Entering Electrical Data

Results acquired from entered data are performed by the design program up to 4 parallel filters according to entered resonance frequency and quality factor values. Total harmonic distortion of the load while the filter is active and not active and single sequence harmonic values are compared with current standard values. 

Current and voltage variations can be simulated with activation of the filter. 

 Graphic 1 – Variation of system current and voltage wave shape upon filter activation

Graphic 2 –Variation of current harmonics

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