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Asset OCP-21 Operating Room Control Panel

Asset OCP Series Operating Control Panels are contemporary and reliable devices, designed for maintaining the most comfortable environment possible both for patient and surgery team and the most suitable working conditions required in the surgery room.

All electrical controls can be done manually via Asset OCP Series Operating Room Control Panel’s screen. Another feature is performing all data exchange required for automation, and solely undertake all automation tasks even in non-central automated environments.

A panel manufactured according to the isolated power system alarm fully complies with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Health. Panels allow operation of the four different armature groups separately such as; turning on/ off and controlling the operation lamp, Negatoscope control, 4-channel music broadcast channel, Hands-Free phone, SIPPhone, medical gas alarm indicator, temperature, humidity, hepa filter pollution, differential room pressure indicator and hour-chronometer features as integrated in the panel.

OCP-21 Operating Room Control Panel Product Details

OCP-21 Operating Control Panel is a contemporary and reliable devices, designed for maintaining the most comfortable environment possible both for patient and the surgery team and most suitable working conditions required in the surgery room.

All electrical controls required in the operating room can be manually performed by the OCP-21 Operating Theatre Control Panel having 21.5” capacitive touch screen with IP65 protection standard. In addition, LINUX based Operating Theatre Control Panel is able to exchange data via ModBus and TCP/IP to the building automation systems. Besides SCADA Integration, Internet access, Gesture sensor, PDF creation, IP phone, Ethernet, MP3 and USB connection features of the panel, the camera allows online video and voice streaming over the web.

Customizable inputs, 6-channel music broadcast input, external speaker support, voice command system, MP3 player, increased voice output to improve the comfort of the operation.

It offers the ability to communicate via VoIP and video conferencing via Skype platform.

While guaranteeing the safety of the device with analog input / output protection, it provides remote live support with TeamViewer in case of any failure that may occur.

OCP-21 Technical Specifications

  • LINUX based operating system
  • DIN 4301 stainless steel front panel
  • 21.5 inch capacitive touch screen
  • RS-485, Modbus RTU master/slave, TCP/IP communication interfaces, external RS232 and CanBus support
  • Voice control
  • Scada and PACS Integration
  • HBYS/PIMS over the web
  • Internet access
  • Hands-FreeVoIP phone, video conference over VoIP
  • Hands-Free analog phone
  • Telephone book feature
  • Camera, MP3, USB features
  • PDF viewer
  • Customizable user profiles with macro function buttons
  • 3 line general lighting control
  • Power failure protection by latching in-rush relay
  • Control of Operation, UV, Busy, Negatoscope light
  • Lighting and negatoscope intensity controls between 0% to 100%
  • 6 channel music broadcast channel selection
  • 15 Watt power amplifier, music volume adjustment
  • 13 Watt internal speaker
  • External speaker support
  • Digital clock and chronometer (ascending and descending counter), central clock integration
  • Analog input/output protections
  • 10 channel medical gas alarm panel
  • 0-10V automation outputs for temperature and humidity levels
  • Integration to different automation systems via customizable voltage / current options for analog inputs
  • Temperature, humidity, differential room pressure, hepa filter pollution monitoring and setting, audible and minous warning when set value is exceeded
  • Voice notification buttons to disable undesirable alarm notifications
  • Operating status: on /off information, operating room busy lamp sign
  • Damper open/close manual control, flow control
  • AGS (Anaesthetic Gas Discharge ) button
  • Sends information to automation by 8 analog 0-10V outputs and 8 digital input/outputs
  • Event recording and system status
  • Embedded assembly
  • Front panel dimensions: 660mm x 460mm
  • Assembly dimensions: 640mm x 435mm x 125mm

OCP Series Comparison Chart

OCP-10 OCP-11 OCP-21

7 inch resistive touch screen

- - -
21.5 inch capacitive touch screen

DIN 4301 stainless steel front panel

Monitoring & Control

General lighting control

Operation, Negatoscope, UV, Busy lamp control

Dimmer control

Operating on / off information

Electrical heater (automatic) control

Temperature, humidity, hepa filter pollution, room differential pressure indicator

AGSS (Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems)

Electrical interruption protection with latching in-rush relay

Analog input / output protections

Voice Recognition & Control
- -
Customizable login profiles for surgery, cleaning and service
- 6 Profiles 6 Profiles

Ethernet connections
1 2 2
Modbus-TCP/IP Communication
- -
Scada Integration with Modbus RTU

Gas alarm panel communication with Modbus-RTU


Audio Channels
4 4 6
Internal speaker

Audio amplifier for external speakers
12W 15W 15W
Output resistance
16 Ω
8 Ω
8 Ω
8 Ω
USB MP3 Player
- -

Hands-Free Analogue telephone

Hands-Free VoIP phone

Telephone book feature

Video Conference over VoIP
- -
- -

Internet access with Browser
- -
PDF viewer
- -

PACS Integration
- -
NTP Clock Synchronization


Event recording and system status

Teamviewer Support (Remote Support)
- -

Easy USB Software Upgrade

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