Analyzers and Power Quality Recorders

Analyzers and Power Quality Recorders

The first step of efficiency and continuity is to monitoring the quantity and quality of the used energy. While monitoring your consumption and quality with our power and energy measurement devices such as energy analyzers, energy meters, and energy quality analyzers, you may also analyze the data with Actwin Smart Energy Management. Nowadays, it has great importance to monitoring the energy consumptions with energy meters (like electricity meters) because of limited energy resources. Electricity distribution companies and settlements like Shopping Malls, Residences etc, uses electricity meters for billing the distributed or imported energy for billing in order to fairly distribute the cost of energy. In addition, it has common use of electricity meters to find the actual product cost reflecting energy cost to the product costs in factories.

In addition to our brand Asset, we also distribute “Contrel” and “Bender” products for power measurement, we are distributing energy meters of Iskraemeco, Sanxing, and EMU brands in Turkey in order to fairly distribute the cost of energy. We have Cl 1, Cl 0.5s, Cl 0.2s accuracy, surface/rail mountable, active/reactive energy, single/two-way measurement meters, analyzers, and power quality recorders in our product range which is in accordance with the terms of EMRA.

We are choosing the most suitable products according to your requirements, and offer complete Energy Monitoring and Management, and Meter Automation solutions covering energy and power meters, the required communication equipment, and monitoring software.



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