Electrical Protection Devices

Various electrical protection devices are available in order to monitor electrical magnitudes and ensure system continuity. In addition to overvoltage, under-voltage, frequency, unbalance, phase sequence, phase failure, and loop monitoring, special solutions for special applications (extended temperature ranges, industry-specific standards, compact design, country-specific profiles) are also possible.

Electrical protection devices; It can be examined as AC / DC current-voltage protection relays, insulation monitoring devices, and residual current protection systems.

AC/DC voltage protection relays are designed to monitor frequency, under-voltage, overvoltage and voltage between two threshold values in AC and DC systems. AC / DC current protection relays monitor undercurrent and overcurrent in AC and DC systems, as well as current between two thresholds. The measured value required to trigger the alarm relay is stored in both two types of electrical protection devices.

Insulation monitoring devices continuously monitor the insulation resistance of IT systems (ungrounded systems) and give an alarm if the value falls below a response value. To obtain a measurement, the device must be connected between the IT system and the protective earthing conductor (PE). A measuring current is superimposed onto the system which is detected and evaluated by a measuring circuit. Insulation monitoring devices detect deteriorations of the insulation level at an early stage and in a reliable way.

Earth leakage current protection relays are able to detect and isolate the fault to ensure power continuity in buildings and industrial facilities by preventing fault occurrences due to short circuits, ground faults, or overload.