MV Substations

MV Substations

Compact substations are secondary transformer systems used in the distribution of energy for low voltage and medium voltage systems. Thanks to compact substation, energy can be distributed more reliably, thus these transformers have spread rapidly due to their high durability and low maintenance costs. Moreover, thanks to the features such as compact transformer taking up less space and low installation costs, it has enabled them to be used in special projects such as generator and compensation systems, control and signaling centers.

SMK series of monoblock concrete kiosk, SPK series of prefabricated concrete kiosks and SCK series of metal kiosks are manufactured by Aktif which are being used for transformer and distributions substations. Concrete kiosk, prefabricated concrete kiosks and metal kiosks are being used in general at electricity distribution, hospitals, power generating utilities, oil and gas, chemical, steel and iron industry, mining facilities.
What are the key characteristics of a compact substations?

At first glance, a compact substation appears complex and very large. The systems, which are mostly in the open air, require a lot of space in an open area. But also enclosed systems, which are much smaller and often found in cities, look impressive. If you look at it the components in detail, a clear structure can be seen. A compact substation must be easily accessible because a transformer weighing several tons requires good road, water or rail connections. The systems are therefore built in the immediate vicinity of the transport infrastructure.
Compact Substations Components

A compact substation basically contains the following components. However, this situation may vary depending on the project.

  • Electric power transformer
  • Capacitor banks
  • Bus bar system
  • Power lines and overhead lines
  • Earthing system
  • Isolators
  • Relay system
  • Electric protection device like MCB, MCCB
  • Conductors
  • Surge protection device

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