BFs series capacitor banks consist of thyristor switches C7s series compensation racks and high technology digital reactive power factor control relays.

BFs series capacitor banks can be easily designed according to the desired power thanks to its racks which have modular design. That modular design provides rapi and effective solutions in installation, maintenance and system development period.

BFs series capacitor banks switch on / off the steps softly and instantly thanks to high technology digital reactive power control relays. Relay determines to switch on / off the capacitors according to the feedback calculations as per values coming from CT and VT. In BFs series capacitor banks, harmonic filter reactors have been serial connected before the capacitor units, in order to protect the capacitor units against dangerous harmonic current flows and voltage harmonics and to eliminate the possible parallel resonance effects of the compensation system.

BFs series thristor controlled capacitor banks are designed to supply the needed reactive power by allowing switching very fast according to the need of fast changed loads. Thyristor switching modules are prevent the inrush currents on the operation.

BFs Series Capacitor Banks | Advantages

The main advantages of BFs Series Capacitor Banks are listed below:

  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the modular design
  • Long lasting and safe use thanks to perfect match between of all equipment and high level quality
  • Immediate response to quick load changes
  • Switching which does not create voltage transients and harmonics
  • Installation up to 5 cassettes (500 kVAr) thanks to the efficient cooling system
  • The design providing a longer lifetime in all equipment and systems thanks to its harmonic filter reactors.
  • Safe design against touch and electric shock

BFs Series Capacitor Banks | Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of BFs Series Capacitor Banks are listed below:

  • Voltage : 380 ... 960 V
  • Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz
  • Resonance Frequency : 134 ... 215 Hz
  • Max. Current : 1,5 In
  • Switching : Thyristor
  • Switching Time : < 40 ms
  • Standards : EN 61439-1/2, EN 60831-1/2, EN 60076-6, EN 60529, EN 60255-1, EN 60947-4-1
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